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Why Use MyLinkChop for every link you post?

Every time you put out a link you create a touch point for your brand - a specific point where your brand comes in contact with the public. Long-life postings in Twitter, Flickr, blogs, microblogs, comments, forums, and discussion groups change what was once a single-use link into a long term connection and promotion opportunity for your brand.

Get the most exposure for every link, and track the life of each link throughout it's existence. Here's what myLinkChop gives you:

Social media content on the web lasts forever. Make the connection to your brand last with it. Where ever your link shows up, the long tail opportunity of social media demands that every touch point builds a relationship directly with your site. Instead of tinyurl.com/7orgz4, use a link that links visually to your brand as well as functionally. HOT.redghostlabs.com/3Y.

Generate unique short codes instantly from YOUR url, making every message, forward, retweet, Digg, and comment promote your brand instead of advertising for a short code generator. myLinkChop makes it easy to do without complex programming or database functions.

Control Your Reputation

Everybody out there is using a short URL to send out links. Do you ever truly know where they link to? Hardly. Can someone hijack your reputation by putting a malicious link in a fake retweet? Absolutely. myLinkChop helps you take full control your reputation on the web.

The Best Part - Reporting

Not only are you promoting your brand, you are tracking all the activity you generate. How many hits did you get from that Twitter campaign? Did the YouTube commenting push result in any activity? How many hits do you get from each of the bloggers that promote your site? myLinkChop gives you all the tools you need to make targeted campaigns and track the impact of your influence across the internet.

Check out the How page to see ways that myLinkChop can work for you, and prove the value of your work.